This week in Somerset the Glastonbury festival is back in action for the first time in 3 years! While many people from all over the world are visiting our little corner of the planet it got me thinking about the time a client told me, after receiving their survey report, that they were unaware hundreds of thousands of people visit the area each year for about 5 days during the festival and how this would be a deal breaker for them. Local knowledge is a wonderful thing and Surveyors are simply full of it. But this one left me scratching my head slightly!

In the same vein I have, in the last few days, surveyed a wonderful Georgian townhouse building in Bristol. It, however, had a huge sink hole (about 4 metres deep) in the adjoining public park no more than 35 metres from the front door. The client literally said ‘I wasn’t aware of that….’

This trip down memory lane got me thinking a bit more about other things clients comment upon fairly regularly when they get their survey report, beyond the usual ‘bricks and mortar’ condition anyway, such as:

  1. they had not noticed the electricity pylon in the neighbouring garden
  2. they never saw stream over the fence
  3. the missing door/s, really?!
  4. and indeed the lack of a parking space!

The ‘rose tinted glasses’ really do come on when buying with your heart and that is why a pre-purchase home survey by an independent and impartial RICS Surveyor helps you to be truly informed before committing to the purchase.

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PS: There are other festivals, but none are as good as those in the home of cider!