Hello and welcome to our new website!

Covid-19, and lockdown, has been terrible in so many ways for so many people, we have decided to use the down time however to stay safe and to focus on business development which has included getting a new website up and running thanks to Jon our web-designer (link for his firm is at the bottom of the page if you are in the market for a website…)

It is really exciting to see how the website will be received by clients and prospective clients going forwards, how it will develop and especially how this blog will shape up.

Over the coming months the aim will be to run a series of posts discussing things such as ‘Japanese Knotweed’, ‘Asbestos in the home’, ‘how to read an energy performance certificate (EPC)’ and ‘what do conditions ratings in a pre-purchase home survey mean?’

Feedback and contribution from readers is always welcome, and if you are reading our blog posts and want further information please do let us know.

All that remains to be said is thank you for reading and if you are looking for a surveyor in the west country please do consider us!