How much does a party wall surveyor cost?”

This often one of the first questions we are asked when a person needs a Party Wall Surveyor (or is in a dispute with an adjoining building owner after they have served a party wall notice on them!)

As a Party Wall Act Surveyor practicing in Bristol to Exeter including Taunton, Bridgwater and Chard I pride myself on clear and transparent fees in all matters I deal with.

Whilst reading the October issue of “Build It” magazine there was a small article (reproduced here in the images) where a Building Owner was concerned they had been overcharged by their surveyor for an amendment to the agreement (Party Wall Award), and this got me thinking…

Things that affect the Surveyors fees in a Party Wall matter could be:

  • Size of the property
  • Quality and completeness of architectural designs
  • The complexity of the project
  • Number of surveyors needed (depending on the survey you may have one, two or three surveyors involved)
  • The level of risk of damage to the neighbouring property
  • Any negotiation needed
  • Where you live

In the West Country fees generally range from £80.00 to £200.00 per hour for Party Wall Surveyors, but in London it is common for fees to be £175.00 to £350.00 per hour, so depending where in the country the writer of the article was based would have had a huge impact on the fees it cost to create an amendment.

The other thing is that time on site is often kept to a minimum in Party Wall matters to avoid high fees to the property owners but, as is often the case, and well highlighted in the article response by the Editor, there is travel to and from site, office paperwork, phone calls and arguably the bit people forget about most; there is the need to issue the amended Award to both parties, which is simple if the surveyor was a joint appointed surveyor but less easy when there are 2 surveyors on the case.

Party Wall Act Surveyors carry out a statutory function once appointed and work for the wall and not an instructing client.

When an Award is issued the Surveyors normally issue a timesheet and invoice for their work, the same should be done with any amendments, site re-visits or work periodic inspections.

In my experience most Party Wall Surveyors are happy to answer quick questions or billing questions by a simple phone call. There is always a bad apple, but the timesheet should be accurate and can be challenged if a party in the matter believes it to be excessive.

If you are looking to instruct a responsible, transparent and qualified Party Wall Surveyor in Exeter, Bristol, Chard, Taunton, Bridgwater, or surrounding areas, please do contact me.